Friday, December 4, 2009

Insomnia may be hazardous to my cat's health..

From time to time, I've had problems sleeping. Nothing horrible, I just toss and turn for a few hours. Most of the time its simply due to the fact that I have so much on my mind that I cant stem the flow of thoughts long enough to drift off.

Even though these occasional sleeping problems are not major, they are much worse now then when I was younger. *just as a side note* I should clarify that I'm not THAT old, for I just recently turned 30, but I am constantly surprised how I feel physically now, and know that it is only downhill from times.

So, last night I lay there wide awake and feeling horribly jealous of my boyfriend sleeping oh-so-soundly next to me. My boyfriend is a good honest person, a hard worker, and has often stated that he has very little imagination. He has the ability to just shut every thing off mentally and completely relax. So saying he sleeps soundly is an understatement.....he sleeps like the dead. At that moment I wanted to smack him, but I resisted.

Just as I start to doze off, the cat decided to sit outside our bedroom door and meow the same tone, over, and over, and over....... if it weren't for the fact that it would have just made things worse, I would have set him on fire.... Not that I think this would have helped with the insomnia, but it definitely would have made me feel better. Again, I resisted.

This went on most of the night. Getting up to yell at him or smack him was only a temporary fix, and only made me that much more awake. But they say that pets are intuitive, and I now believe that to be true. I am still so damn sleepy, and the cat has been hiding quieter than Anne Frank today..... but I have made it a point to wake him from his catnaps every thirty minutes or so throughout the day. Just to let him know how bad it sucks for SOMEONE TO INTERRUPT YOUR SLEEP....

YES its petty, and YES its a little on the crazy cat lady side...but I don't care! Little bastard deserves his payback..

But he'll get some peace and quiet soon enough. I'm supposed to go shopping tonight with a friend. This is one of the few friends that I have that allows me to drag him all over town to shop after endless shop without complaining about it.....much. But that is usually just because we always end up at the toy store playing with all the Star Wars toys!

So hopefully I make it through this evening without falling asleep in the store and being trampled by the many, many crazed-hardcore Christmas shoppers who will inevitably be out there tonight. Wish me luck!

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