Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Holy clogged artery, Batman!

I have accomplished the unthinkable and the dangerous. I went Christmas shopping....in December....on a Friday night.....and lived. And so did those around me for that matter. My friend and I started off the evening with dinner. We went to a nearby "sit-down" burger place and had two of the best burgers ever made in the history of man, and/or cow. This burger was so good that even cows themselves would eat it.... It was totally amazing. Along with the burger basics, it donned a fried egg. This may not sound like much, but it was worth slapping your mother over. This burger, from this point on, has ruined all other food for me.

Anywho, not the point. After leaving there we went to several other stores, including the mother-ship, Barnes and Noble. It was extremely difficult to get out of there without spending my entire Christmas fund on books for myself. But I showed great strength and just bought gifts. At this point it started getting late, so our last stop of the evening was Target, which has now changed to their new holiday hours, which means they close at midnight. Yay for employee suffering!! We were worn out and about to drop, but just had to get this last little bit of shopping done before we called it a night. As we sauntered through the movies (something I cant normally do without drooling in want over some of them) we came to an endcap of "value collection" dvds. These usually consist of four older movies of the same set or type, all in one case, and are usually anywhere from $10-$14 depending on the titles. As our eyes scan through the titles, I come across all four of the original batman movies....together....and on sale for 8 bucks. I almost wet myself right there in the aisle. Being a geek, AND adding the fact that I have a slight dvd obsession, I am ashamed that I do not already own these movies. But I do now!

We didn't think we were going to be able to go one more step, until we walked onto the aisle that holds the action figures. From a far, like a homing beacon, or that shiny star off into the north (yes I am comparing action figures to the star of Bethlehem, but they were STAR WARS figures!!) I spotted one lonely storm trooper sitting in its little clear plastic shroud on the floor. I immediately ran over and saved it from its abandoned plight. Upon retrieval, I notice a small hole in the front of the packaging, with a sticker that gives the instruction to "try me". Being that I can never ignore this type of invitation, especially when it is presented in the form of bright white sticker with bold blue lettering. My friend and I were absolutely elated to discover that it had something like 8 or 9 sentences. And this was no crappy computer voice......no. This was the actual voice from the actual movie. The way George Lucas had intended. Needless to say, we got our second winds, my friend purchased the storm trooper, and all was right with the world.

Later that night while hanging out over at my friend's, the storm trooper regularly gave his input into the conversation;
friend: "Donnie Darko was an odd movie, and it didn't make any sense."

me: "hey, I really liked that movie!"

Storm Trooper: "Close the blast doors!"

friend: "it didn't make any sense, and it was rather depressing.."

me: "I loved it! I thought it was great, sad or not."

Storm Trooper: "The Deathstar plans are not in the main computer."

friend: "i dunno, it just wasn't my favorite. It could have gone in so many different directions and ended up being a much better movie."

me: "well, I loved it. I....loved....it."

Storm Trooper: "move along".

This went on until about 3:30 in the morning...
I later retreated back to my home and plugged in the first Batman movie, and slipped into a "cheesy comic/movie" coma. It was a good day..

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