Thursday, February 11, 2010

Trying To Disguise Lazyness As Creativity...

Today just seemed like a good day for a photo blog... Enjoy.

This was taken at D-Fest. There were so many bands. So many people. And it was soooooo hot outside. (who has an outdoor festival/concert, in August, in OKLAHOMA?!?!) It was like 105 degrees that day.... and this was taken just a mere minutes before the oh so awful vomiting began......... wearing Chucks......while up-chucking...ha, ha.....ha..? Sorry, had to.

It took several shots, and many many dollars worth of fireworks before I got a shot that I was satisfied with. And nobody lost a finger or got set on fire that year! Yeah for Independence Day!!

The weird marble/globe/water monument at the zoo that all the kids obsess over. Seriously, its like kid crack...

Yeah, those are just berries.

Fountain at Woodward Park

Pac Man Lillies!!! I don't think that is really what they are called, but whatever.

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