Friday, February 12, 2010

I Get High With A Little Help From My Friends, And Then Want To Steal Kids From Walmart...

This last weekend made up for the mind numbing despair that was my week, thanks to my friends. Awww! Love you guys! ..........anyway..
My friend and I started out our weekend on Friday evening by convincing another friend to go public.....with OTHER get a drink.

It was a little sad at first. See, once you hit a certain age, (especially if you spent most of your teen years drinking) you really have no desire to go to a bar. Just the general idea sounds repulsive. Its loud. Its crowded. The drinks are expensive. And the worst part of it all: ALL THE OTHER PEOPLE... But every now and then the social creatures in us break to the surface and wins over our decisions. So we went to the bar... Seeing a large amount of lonely, close to middle-aged (if not already) people, desperate to take someone home, or just out to put off going home to their mothers...was a little on the icky was one of "those" bars...

We ended up staying up soooooo much later than intended, but still had fun. The next morning (afternoon, really...who are we kidding..?) my friend and I headed out and went shopping. We made a stop at the most amazing, awesome, and totally out of the way Asian grocery store. This place is so incredibly amazing I can't even properly do it justice by expressing... They sell around 8 different types of rice (yes rice) and about 14,963 different types of tea...among other wonderful treasures that I or a majority of America knows what it is or how to pronounce. And the woman that works the front register (I believe she is the manager, or the owner, or something else equally important) is one of the crabbiest, bitchiest, and scariest women under five feet tall.. But that just adds to the atmosphere, because it is the greatest place ever.... We then later went to Walmart for the remainder of our groceries. (which is the least awesome place ever....but what can you do...?)

While at Walmart, however, we decided to wander over to the toy section to check out the Lego Star Wars sets. While discussing the different sets available, a little boy around six or seven jumped in to our conversation. He knew all the characters names.....(the obscure ones that only hardcore fans know) which sets were new, which ones were about to be discontinued..... I wanted to adopt this child.... For a brief moment of insanity, I started to wonder if I had slipped into a worm hole, gone back in to the 80's, and had just run into one (the possibilities are endless) of my friends in their childhood form.... But then I came to my senses and just realized that this child is just simply amazing and BRILLIANT... I hope his parents (which were oddly nowhere to be found) are proud...

The only original plan for the weekend was for all of us to gather at a friend's apartment, and he was to cook dinner for us. Having a man cook me dinner for a change was not something I was going to pass up, so I was rather looking forward to this.... but because of the lack of sleep the night before, and the long day of shopping, we were exhausted... I knew it was getting bad when in an attempt to keep us awake he broke out his plastic dinosaurs and recreated the "Wash and his dinosaur toys" scene from Firefly...... It didn't work...we all ended up nodding off from time to time..

But all in all, it was a good weekend.

And even though this week is nearly at its end, it has been decent. I was told that we will be making a trip to Eureeka Spring in the summer, and will be staying at a totally awesome haunted hotel. THAT is sure to be two sleep deprived, beer filled nights. I cant wait!

And to keep with the theme of the last blog. I give you a star wars reference cat picture that has absolutely no relevance to this blog.......other than the fact that I found it funny..... Enjoy.

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