Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The house next door is stalking me...

So, wow, the fact that I haven't written anything in a while became painfully obvious as I stare at the blank computer screen for at least 20 minutes. Sitting there, staring back at me, glowing, humming, mocking..... Bleh..

I had logged on here a few times in the last year, but really didn't read too many posts. Today I decided to delve through some of my favorite bloggers, and I now feel like I have just come out of a blogging coma. While I slept people got married, pregnant, broken up, and some are just gone completely. I was a little confused at first when I visited a particular blog that was once hosted by a 20-something woman who was wonderfully confused and curious about life and its surroundings, to now find that the address now belongs to a 10 year old, displaying their crayon drawings... I was thinking, "wow, has she suffered some sort of brain trauma...?" That is still an option I suppose, but I think that is probably unlikely...

So those of you who don't follow/stalk me on facebook, this last year has been quite full of changes. We've moved back to my childhood town of Skiatook, which is a mere fraction of the size of the town I was living in, which is nice. And The Boyfriend has taken a job out of the country, so he is gone for several weeks at a time, which royally sucks, but it looks like it will be coming to a close soon.

So other than that, I wont bore you with all the details of the happenings of the last year, for my life is quite boring from an outside point of view. So instead, I'll just move on with the "now"..

As I approach my 32nd birthday, I realize how increasingly paranoid I have become over the years. That fact has been apparent to me for quite some time now, but was really driven home this morning.

Other than the fire warning, and occasional smell of someones hopes and dreams burning along with their property and homes, the weather has been quite nice these last few days. Highs around 80, and evening lows anywhere from 55 to 65. Its been great. I enjoy the warmth and the sunshine during the day, and the cooling calm in the evening. So yesterday being like any other, I decide to open my curtains and windows, and get some breeze as I sit and fold laundry.

I should back-track for a moment, and state that the home we are living in is my grandmother's, and is quite old. As is all of the nearby houses in the neighborhood. The house next door has sat empty for I don't know how many years, and is in the need of a bit of work. Last winter, a retired couple bought the house, and have slowly begun on said work. They don't live there as of yet, but are there for a few hours during the day, about three times a week. So for the most part, the house is empty.

So on with the story. Laundry. Nice day. Windows open. From my one of my bedroom windows, i can see through the neighboring house, in what would be the back of the kitchen and dinning room. I saw something that was a bit odd looking, but I tried to not put too much thought into it.... Its not my house, or my business. But after several minutes, I just couldn't ignore it. This is the view from my bedroom:

Now, i cant help but notice that upon further inspection, it looks like someone sitting, staring through the window.

Now, the general idea of someone sitting in a room staring at me through the open window for all this time was not the unsettling issue. Because frankly, that's exactly what I was doing, so I couldn't exactly judge.. I was successful at convincing myself that what I was seeing was a vase or some other object sitting on a counter, because the figure in question didn't move. After dark that evening I quickly shut the curtains, because all I could think about was that now that thing, whatever it is, has advantage over me, since it could see me but I could no longer see it. (because supernatural-esque mystery beings always have night vision...?) Yes, I have apparently gone insane. The next morning, I open my blinds again, and the mystery object was gone. No one had been at the house that day, and none of the windows were open, so I could come up with no valid reason for its absence. Other than my apparent lack of rational mental process.. After deciding to just ignore the issue, I look back out the window (come ON, why would I not?!?!) and notice the "thing" is back. So basically, I have either completely lost my mind, or there is something unexplainable and other worldly going on next door, and it likes to watch me fold laundry through my bedroom window. I don't really like my options...